b. 1986, HK.


Cat mom

aspiring yogi

former ballerina

sous chef + dishwasher

sorta-proficient spanish speaker

horror movie enthusiast

ice cream nosher

cryptid believer

amateur serial killer profiler

a curious mind with many titles, but my favorite is art director.

In another life I would have been a forensic scientist—my curious mind always thinking about the big hypothetical picture and searching for answers in the details. I like to say that’s what makes me a great art director.

I’ve worked for small family owned print shops and learned how important it is to understand the printing process. I’ve worked at small digital agencies learning how to code because the digital space and social media were taking over and I knew I could no longer “only be a print person”. I’ve worked in-house with a digital creative team for a large corporate brand. I’ve worked at small agencies in every department that my actual job title would probably be a run on sentence. I’ve photographed engagements, weddings, unborn babies, just born babies, musicians, pets, the humans who the pets own, beer, food, and beyond. I’ve worked on national brands, local brands, business that have been in the family for decades, start-ups, still getting ups, and never quite got ups.

No matter the project, I am passionate about creative strategy and clever details. I can always find a new perspective. And if I can’t— as my cat Willows says “tuna solves everything”.